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Agility pour tous les Chiens.

Agility / Clicker / Hoopers / Education
Everything for you and your dog 
Tout, pour vous et votre chien


Follow me on Face Book as I train my new puppy. 

New online training for pet dogs .

Facebook page will be available, and starts next Monday 3rd August! 

Learn the skills I use, and do your own training at home.  

It's easy, fun and convenient!

(Based in Le Hinglé, Near Dinan 22100)

Payment by Pay Pal

25 Euros a month to follow all training on a private Face Book page. 

50 Euros a month if you'd like to ask questions, post your videos and have feedback. (videos of 30 seconds max)

Message me and I will send you details of my Pay Pal. 

Look forward to hearing from you !

Do you have a puppy, or a young dog, or even an adult dog you haven?t trained as well as you?d have liked?

Do you want to own a perfect pet, but need some guidance?

Would you like to follow a program on Face book that, week by week you can share the secrets of a successful trainer using kind methods?

Because I have clients that come long distances for weekly lessons, several have asked if I could do some training at a distance, so, here it is.

Why not follow me as I train my new puppy.

I will share my training, and you can watch all the things I teach all of my own puppies from the very first day. 

Follow me and I will show you how to :

Have a dog that listens to your every word.

Has good manners in the house.

Quick and reliable housetraining.

Stop chewing.

Learn crate training so your dog enjoys being in his crate.

Learn easy lead walking.

Master a fast and reliable recall.

Playing and retrieving toys/ball.

Learn some fun tricks that help in your every day life.

I also help prepare show dogs for ring craft .

My training is based on using rewards and games , and will suit everyone that wants to share their life with their perfect companion and create a fantastic bond with their dog.

You can join my private FB group and have access to all my training.  I will post little training session regularly.

I will share my training sessions and show the good, and the bad, and how I deal with difficulties.

Payment and prices.   Pay pal payments made to me on 1st of each month will give you access for a month to the Face Book page.

Pay Pal payments.  25 euros for a month if you just want to watch all the training videos. You can not ask questions, or post videos for feedback.

For 50 euros a month you can watch all videos, ask questions, and post your training videos for me to give feedback.   This is great for those problems that arise when you can?t see what is going wrong with your own training and would like me to guide you.

Try for one month, and  learn some fab new skills.

Having one to one training by a good trainer is the key to success.  But this is an excellent alternative for those of you that prefer to  copy my lessons with their own dogs at home, in their own time. 

For those that don?t already know me, I will introduce myself.

I have my training centre at my home near Dinan (my day job!)  3 terrains for agility and Hoopers.  

I have 7 dogs of several different breeds. Some of them are rescues. 

I have qualified many times for the French championship in agility, and several times at Crufts with several dogs, (one of them  a dog that was born in the wild and I took in to tame and train)

I am a professional, qualified pet dog trainer, obedience trainer, agility and hoopers trainer and also a qualified canine behaviourist.  I draw on these skills in all of my training. 

I am part of the Agility working group for the French Kennel Club (the team that make agility rules in France)  

I am an agility judge, and I judge internationally.

 I also a recognised trick trainer, and many years ago I introduced  dog dancing to France. 

This year I head the new working group in the kennel club to make the sport of Hoopers official in France (very exciting). 

Feel free to either message me through my facebook page (below) or send me an email:

For info, check Face Book page

Michelle Johnston Agility

 * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Agility pour chiens! (ludique et efficace)

Agility training for your dog in a fun way!  




La formation de votre chien bénéficie non seulement á votre chien et á vous, mais aussi  á tout le monde. 

L'agility, comme l'Hoopers est un sport et une passion pour les chiens et des  propriétaires, et une excellente façon de garder la forme



Ici on s'amusent !  (normalement)  :)
On se repose des fois




Ici  Michelle  formera vous et votre chien tous les obstacles d'agility en étapes faciles.  Il sera :

  Heureux et à bien se comporter
Heureux et bien socialisé
Heureux et obéissant

Training your dog benefits not only your dog, and you, but those around you. Here at Michelle's agility training facility your dog will learn all the agility obstacles in easy steps.   He will learn to be:

Happy and well behaved

Happy and well socialised

Happy and obedient.

The relationship with your dog

This is so important.  Without a good relationship your  dog will not find it easy to learn. Get your dog really interested in you and toys.  You are the main object in his life.    His best friend.   How do you treat       your best friend?  How much time do you give him?

La relation avec votre chien                                            C'est si important. Sans une bonne relation avec votre chien il ne s'améliorera pas. Faites de votre chien votre complice et apprenez lui à jouer. Vous êtes l'élément principal dans sa vie, son meilleur ami. Comment traitez-vous votre meilleur ami? Combien de temps lui consacrez-vous ?


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