Agility Dog Training ~ avec Michelle Johnston

Agility pour tous les Chiens.

Agility for everyone

EVERYONE  can enjoy agility !
Anyone can learn agility with their dog

My training method is adapted for beginners, and handlers can soon start off into real agility.  First the basics have to be acquired – and an excellent recall along with  basic training is vital for dogs doing agility.
Initiation will incorporate much of the training but with an agility course designed to be easier for dogs who have never done it.  Dogs can get very excited so it's  important to have good firm basics.
Your dog will learn to enjoy the physical challenge of agility - and you may get fit as well !!


 The Jumps.:   You dog will learn how to jump and only to jump on your command.   Before long he will be jumping over several jumps like a champion!

 The 'A' Frame:   The 'A' frame will be learned safely for your dog, so that he can master the skill of such a big obstacle.



The see saw:  There are a few see saws here that vary in their size, and height.  This piece of equipment is also made for beginners.  It  is something dogs enjoy when they have learned the skill of the pivot.   You will be beside your dog at every step to help him, and to learn about each obstacle.



The Weave poles.   This is always the most interesting to watch.   It is not as hard as you think.  Dogs that achieve the skill of this obstacle impress everyone.  And they love doing it!   There are a few types of weave poles here, and we will use the one best adapted to you and your dog.



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