Agility Dog Training ~ avec Michelle Johnston

Agility pour tous les Chiens.

My Method


How I train

My training methods are natural, efficient and kind to you and your dog.

The object of this training is to learn all the agility obstacles correctly while having fun!

Dogs must still learn their foundations, which will help them to become good citizens, but they can have fun at the same time.

If you follow my training advice you will have a happy, and well behaved dog that you can take anywhere.


All training is done in a positive and rewarding way for your dog.   Your dog is coming here to have FUN, while he learns.

If you only train occasionally it is unfair to expect good results from your dog.    Doing regular lessons will help your dog to improve in many ways.

 I believe that taking your dog for a short walk before training  will be beneficial.   He will be better able to  concentrate if he has relieved himself.



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