Agility Dog Training ~ avec Michelle Johnston

Agility pour tous les Chiens.

Puppies and older dogs





Puppies need a lot of stimulation and if we don't give it to them - they will just go and find it elsewhere!   At the same time, puppies get tired easily.  

Training is very mentally tiring for a young dog, even if you think you are not actually training for the entire time, your puppy will be thinking  about it all and taking it all in, and that is a mental challenge.  Puppies and dogs can be very tired after training even though you may think he hasn't done very much physically.      This is normal.    I will be carefully monitoring your puppys energy levels  during training. 

Please feel free to bring a toy for your puppy or dog. Don't forget, this is all just play to him



 Old dog, new tricks.


The GOOD news is that dogs that are adopted or those that are  already adult and have had no training can still learn as much as any other dog. 

The GREAT news is that sometimes they even learn quicker!  

There is no reason not to give the same chance to old dogs as to young dogs.   Old dogs can always learn new tricks.

In fact, the same rules will apply to the older dog as to a young one: your dog will need stimulating play and training, and may indeed be tired after training.   I encourage owners to bring toys to training, and to play with their dogs during training.     



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